Accessible Bathroom Equipment

Our range includes a variety of carefully crafted fixtures and fittings, such as grab bars, shower seats and adjustable-height toilets. Each product is meticulously engineered to meet the highest standards of accessibility and durability.

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Accessible Bathroom Equipment in Worthing, Portsmouth and the Surrounding Areas

AJT Showers Ltd supplies an extensive range of accessible bathroom equipment for domestic use. As specialist mobility bathroom installers, we have products to suit any requirement in Littlehampton, Eastbourne, Portsmouth, Worthing and the surrounding areas. Our team installs mobility bathtubs and easy-access showers to improve existing bathrooms and undertakes full mobility wet room and bathroom installations.

We are ready to help improve your quality of life with bathing solutions that deliver increased comfort and independence. Please contact us to get started.

Leading Brands

AJT Showers Ltd supplies products from leading brands to ensure the quality, performance and longevity of our installations. The following are some of the main branded products we use:

  • Aqualisa Showers

  • Zest Wall Panels

  • Nuie Showers and Equipment

  • Altro Safety Flooring

  • Geberit Aqua Clean Mera Care

  • AKW Medi-Care

  • Contour Showers

  • Perform Panel

  • Bristan

Geberit Aqua Clean Mera Care

The Geberit AquaClean Mera Care is a cutting-edge shower toilet designed to provide the highest standards of hygiene, comfort, and independence for all users. Combining a traditional toilet's functionality with a bidet's advanced features, this innovative toilet is ideal for individuals with mobility challenges or those seeking a luxurious and hygienic bathroom experience.

Key features include:

  • Aqua Clean Technology- Oscillating Spray Arm and Whirl Spray Shower Technology

  • Comfort Features- Heated Seat, Warm Air Dryer, Odour Extraction Unit

  • User-friend Controls- Remote Control, User Profiles

  • Hygiene and Maintenance- Self-Cleaning Function, Easy-Clean Surfaces

  • Accessible Design and Ergonomic Seat

Why don’t you come and visit our showroom to see one live in action?

Mobility Bathroom Products

Our mobility bathroom installers can incorporate all the mobility aids you need into your space. All our installations start with a consultation to assess exactly what you want and need from your bathroom. We can then suggest mobility bathroom products to help you get the most out of your space.

Options for accessible bathroom equipment include:

  • Hand Basins at Different Heights

  • Toilets at Different Heights

  • Toilet Lifts

  • Toilet Frames and Rails

  • Grab Rails

  • Bathroom Safety Flooring

  • Powered Bath Lifts

  • Walk-In Showers

  • Walk-In Baths

  • Accessible Bathroom Suites

Everyone is different, so it’s important to assess personal requirements to find solutions that will give you optimal comfort and ease of use. Customers in Littlehampton, Portsmouth, Worthing, Eastbourne and the surrounding areas can rely on our team for professional, personalised advice.

Bathrooms and Wet Rooms

The mobility bathroom installers at AJT Showers Ltd are experienced at designing and fitting mobility bathrooms and wet rooms to any specification. We provide a full range of accessible bathroom equipment for your installation and can work to any desired style, from traditional to modern.

Accessible bathroom suites include walk-in baths, low-level or comfort-level toilets and sinks at the right height for the user. Mobility wet rooms have features like flush bathroom safety flooring, step-free walk-in showers and shower seats, along with accessible basins and toilets. Additional mobility aids can be added to any new or existing wet room or bathroom. You might also consider a wide doorway and building alterations to create an open space that can accommodate a wheelchair, walking aid or carer.

Accessible bath and shower features include:

  • Remote-Controlled Powered Lifts

  • Walk-In Baths and Shower Baths

  • Easy-Access Showers

  • Full- and Half-Height Shower Screens

  • Non-Slip Shower Trays and Baths

  • Accessible Wet Rooms

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