Want to know more about accessible baths? We look at key features that make mobility bathtubs easier and safer to use.

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Features of Mobility Bathtubs in Eastbourne | Explained by Specialist Mobility Bathroom Installers

Easy-access baths are a life-changer for people who struggle to step in and out of a standard bath. They come with an array of carefully designed features that make bathing easier and safer for people with mobility issues, which we look at below.

If you live in Eastbourne or the surrounding areas and are ready to experience the comfort and independence of a walk-in bath, get in touch with AJT Showers Ltd. We supply and install high-quality mobility bathtubs, easy-access showers and other accessible bathroom equipment. As experienced mobility bathroom installers, we even offer accessible wet room installation.

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Low Door

A walk-in bath has a door with a low threshold, meaning only a small step is needed to get in and out. Our accessible bathroom installers also provide disabled-access showers with low-level entry.

Slip-Resistant Base

Accessible baths have an integrated non-slip surface on the bottom of the bath to minimise the risk of slips and falls. We can also provide slip-resistant safety flooring for accessible wet rooms and easy-access showers in the Eastbourne area.

Built-In Seat

Mobility bathtubs include manual or powered seats which help safely lower the user into the bath and lift them out. Electric seats are easily operated using remote handsets. We also offer shower seats in our range of accessible bathroom equipment.

Dual Drainage

Because walk-in baths must drain before you can get out, they include dual-drainage systems to ensure the water drains quickly.

Grab Rails

Grab rails provide support where needed and can be horizontal, vertical, angled or folding. They are also available in high-contrast and slip-resistant finishes. Our mobility bathroom installers can install grab rails in all areas of accessible wet rooms and bathrooms.

Multi-Use Shower Head

Many mobility bathtubs include a multi-use shower head, allowing you to rinse your hair without dunking your head underwater. This also enables baths to function as easy-access showers.

Sanitary Coating

Some walk-in baths have a sanitary coating that makes it easier to maintain high levels of hygiene and prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

How Our Accessible Bathroom Installers Can Help

AJT Showers Ltd helps customers in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas enjoy fully accessible bathing environments tailored to their needs. We can provide individual products or full installation of accessible bathroom suites and wet rooms.

Please contact our mobility bathroom installers for the following:

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