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Easy-Access Showers and Accessible Wet Rooms in Littlehampton | Make Bathing Easier with an Accessible Wet Room

If you or someone in your household struggles to use a standard bathroom, why not upgrade to a disabled wet room? Accessible wet rooms include a range of features to help wheelchair users and people with limited mobility use the facilities independently and safely. As well as easy-access showers, they can include accessible bathroom equipment like grab rails and powered lifts. The mobility bathroom installers at AJT Showers Ltd in Littlehampton can help you design the perfect installation.

We are mobility wet room specialists providing everything from mobility bathtubs to full wet room installations. Here, we look at how a wet room installation can improve quality of life.

Inclusive Access

Accessible Showers

One of the main problems faced by our customers is difficulty getting in and out of their bath or shower. Many people with mobility issues cannot do this safely or independently, while some cannot do it at all, having to resort to other bathing methods. A wet room removes this barrier, enabling people with varying needs to wash safely, comfortably and with dignity.

Our easy-access showers have a floor level to the rest of the room, meaning there is no need to step up or over a threshold. Showers for accessible wet rooms can also come without a door, removing another obstacle. In addition, our mobility bathroom installers can fit mobility bathtubs with a door for low-level entry.


Alongside accessible baths and showers, the wet room specialists at AJT Showers Ltd fit powered and non-powered seats. A seat is a vital piece of accessible bathroom equipment for many of our customers in the Littlehampton area, allowing them to shower in a seated position.

Seats make bathing easier by providing:

  • Vertical and horizontal movement

  • Easy transfer from a wheelchair

  • Reduced risk of falling

  • Reduced strain on the body

Customisable Disabled Wet Rooms

Your wet room installation can be customised to include all the accessible bathroom equipment you need. At AJT Showers Ltd, our mobility bathroom installers work closely with you to create a space that meets your requirements. Wet rooms can include a wide range of mobility bathroom products to make bathing easier for our Littlehampton clients, such as:

  • Accessible Showers

  • Mobility Bathtubs/Accessible Baths

  • Grab Rails

  • Powered and Manual Chairs/Lifts

  • Toilet Lifts and Rails

  • Non-Slip Flooring

  • Low or High Basins

  • Low or High Toilets

  • Remote Controls

  • Various Other Mobility Bathroom Products

More Space and Easy Maintenance

Open, unobstructed space is a key feature of accessible wet rooms. This makes it easier to manoeuvre around the room with a wheelchair or other mobility aid. Clear pathways also minimise the risk of trips and falls.

Furthermore, wet rooms are easier to clean than standard bathrooms because all services can be wiped. In addition, easy-access showers for wet rooms typically have less glass than a standard enclosure and no separate shower tray, meaning there’s less to clean. This improves hygiene and makes life easier for people with mobility issues who do their own cleaning.

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