Find out how accessible wet rooms and mobility bathrooms can increase safety for users.

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Mobility Bathroom Installers in Portsmouth | Improving Health and Safety with Accessible Wet Rooms and Bathrooms

Hard, slippery surfaces pose a risk in any bathroom, but this is increased when a user has decreased mobility or a disability. Consequently, it’s important to ensure your bathroom is as safe as possible if you have a family member who falls into one of those categories. AJT Showers Ltd helps domestic customers in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas improve health and safety with accessible bathroom equipment, including mobility bathtubs, easy-access showers and bathroom safety flooring.

Below, our mobility bathroom installers share their tips for making accessible wet rooms and bathrooms safer to use.

Please contact us for more information about the walk-in showers, walk-in baths and other products we supply and fit. We offer individual items and complete mobility wet room installations.

Reducing the Risk of Falls

Falls are the most common cause of injury in the home, and falls from slipping are more likely to happen in the bathroom due to the presence of water. To minimise the chance of accidents in your Portsmouth home, our accessible bathroom installers advise fitting accessible bathroom equipment that supports the unique needs of your household. This can range from easy-access showers to stability aids.

The following are some products that our mobility bathroom installers recommend to help reduce the risk of slips and falls in accessible wet rooms and bathrooms:

  • Grab Bars

  • Non-Slip Mats

  • Bathroom Safety Flooring

  • Toilet Rails

  • Mobility Bathtubs

  • Walk-In Showers

It is also a good idea to keep the space clutter-free to prevent tripping.

Help with Lowering, Standing and Transferring

For many people with mobility issues, lowering and raising themselves, such as into the bath, can cause strain and pain. At the same time, wheelchair users may struggle to transfer safely from their chairs to standard bathroom equipment. To help minimise the chance of injury, our mobility bathroom installers in Portsmouth recommend:

  • Walk-in baths with seats that can lower and raise the user into the tub

  • Shower seats to reduce the amount of standing time when showering

  • Grab rails to provide support when moving between sitting and standing positions

  • Low-level toilets and shower seats for easier transfer from a wheelchair

  • Elevated toilet seats to reduce the distance a user has to lower themselves

  • Easy-access showers and mobility bathtubs with low-step or step-less entry

  • Mobility wet rooms with level floors and fully tailored installations

Furthermore, accessible wet rooms and bathrooms should have essential items within easy reach so people don’t need to bend or stretch, which could cause unnecessary strain or instability. This accommodation doesn’t require any special accessible bathroom equipment – just shelving or storage at the right height! The accessible bathroom installers at AJT Showers Ltd are happy to discuss options for your space.

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