The Most Practical Accessible Baths in West Sussex

When you or a loved one has a disability, a walk-in bath will make bathing easier, simpler, safer, and a lot more relaxing. We know that if you lack strength or balance, getting into or out of an ordinary bath can become an uphill battle, but why struggle when you can enjoy an accessible bath? Based in West Sussex, the team at AJT Showers takes great pride in offering independence to our customers, alongside our excellent baths.

Leak-Proof Walk-in Baths

Besides offering easy access and a guaranteed leak-proof door, all of our walk-in baths come with thermostatic temperature control to ensure your water never gets too hot. Many of our baths also come with two wastes, so they’ll empty twice as fast. You can also choose to add our spa option for the extra luxury that you deserve.

Walk-in, Sit-down Baths

If you have problems with balance and getting in and out of an ordinary bath is difficult, our walk-in, sit down baths allow you to enjoy your bath while sitting on a comfortable seat. These are ideal for small bathrooms, and with a guaranteed leak-proof door, spa option, and automatic temperature control, these baths offer a safe, comfortable alternative to full-length bath options.

Walk-in, Full-Length Baths

When more than one person is going to be using the bath, or you’re looking for more variation, our walk-in, full-length baths give you the best of both worlds. These accessible baths are ideal, as they can also be used in the traditional way.

The Duet gives you a full-length, accessible bath/ shower combination, while The Cotswold is a classic accessible bath that easily doubles as a regular bath with its leak-proof door.

For a disabled bath that offers the same full length, but need a little extra help getting in and out, we offer two great baths with an assisted lifting mechanism.

Find Your Perfect Bath

Ensure that your bathtime is relaxing and peaceful with our installations.