Walk-In Baths

Our range of walk in baths mean that even if you have mobility issues, you can still enjoy a soak in complete comfort. Contact AJT Showers to find out more. Our team welcome clients from across South East England.

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Why Our Walk-in Baths Are Better

We understand that if you lack strength or balance, getting into or out of an ordinary bath can become an uphill battle, but why struggle when you can enjoy bathing safely and independently in an accessible bath?

The Priya Deep Soak Walk-in Bath

The Priya bath with a 10mm toughened glass door and clean lines is the ultimate in modern design.
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The Ambience Deep Soak Walk-in Bath

The popular Ambiance walk in bath combines high-quality design with attractive styling for a safe and comfortable bathing environment
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Louisiana 3 Powered Lift Walk-in Bath

The Louisiana 3 walk-in shower bath with powered seat is ideal for bathing or showering. Because you can remove the seat in seconds, it is great for family or multiuser environments!
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Easy Riser Powered Lift Walk-in Bath

The exclusive walk in bath with a luxurious reclining seat. The ultimate indulgence in comfort whilst retaining your independence to bath in your own home
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Cortega Walk-in Bath

The Cortega bath is very elegantly designed for a luxurious experience. It is the ideal alternative if you're looking to replace your standard bath
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Montana Powered Lift Walk-in Bath

The Montana walk-in bath is the ideal replacement for a standard bath, especially if a more traditional appearance in the bathroom is to be retained
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Key benefits for walk in baths

At AJT Showers, we also have level access trays, the flush of which can be installed with the existing floor to provide a step-free entry. With various different designs on our shower screens, we are able to cater for every need

  • Non-slip surfaces in the bath.

  • Additional safety equipment that you can add around the walk-in bath area.

  • Low threshold entrance.

  • Gaining your confidence knowing you are safe within your own home.

  • Low-maintenance products to take care of.

  • Advice from the office staff, surveyor/salesmen and installers whenever you need it.

  • Various bathtubs designed to help those with restricted mobility in and out of the walk-in bath.

  • Cambridge bath installation approved contractors.1-year guarantee on all the work carried out by our team.

  • The option to have a shower in the walk-in bath with a bath shower screen.
  • Warranty provided with all our products installed for your shower.

  • Optional extras you can request to bespoke your bath to you and your needs. Bath lifts, heated seat, spa therapy, chromotherapy, deep soak baths and more.

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