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What is a Mixer Shower?

A mixer shower is one of the most traditional types of showers out there. They will blend hot and cold water to the right temperature and deliver it through the shower head.
The majority of mixer showers have a wall-mounted temperature control, as well as pipes that are hidden in the wall, behind the tiles.
If you are looking for a budget option then you can get mixer showers that are controlled, both in temperature and water flow, by adjusting the taps on the bath.
The power that you are able to achieve in your mixer shower will really depend on the water pressure that you have at home. If you are only able to manage a dribble from your taps, then this will likely happen in your mixer shower too.

The Benefits of a Mixer Shower

Mixer showers are a good choice for those that are looking for a stronger water flow than electric showers, but they are not as strong as power showers. Ideal for families who want something in between.
You can install a mixer shower in pretty much any bathroom. They work directly with the water that is fed in from the immersion heater, combi boiler or the hot water cylinder in your home.
One of the most budget friendly options that you can opt for when it comes to fitting a shower in your bathroom, you can pick up a straight from the bath taps style mixer shower for only a few pounds, whereas, there are still more expensive options that are offered from premium brands.

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