Creating an accessible bathroom is easy with the help of AJT Showers. Read our advice for adapting your space successfully.

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Mobility Bathtubs and Easy-Access Showers in Worthing | Adapting a Bathroom for Someone with Mobility Issues

Maintaining independence in the bathroom is important for dignity, comfort and quality of life. While disabilities and mobility issues can create challenges, there are many adaptations available to make life easier. AT AJT Showers Ltd, we are mobility bathroom experts, specialising in creating accessible wet rooms and bathrooms for customers in Worthing and the surrounding areas. Below, we look at ways you can adapt your bathroom to meet the needs of a relative with mobility issues, from easy-access showers and mobility bathtubs to smaller accessible bathroom equipment.

Our mobility bathroom installers have 120 years of industry experience, ensuring optimal results for every customer – see what our customers say!

Safety and Stability

People with mobility concerns may be unsteady on their feet and need extra support to use bathroom facilities safely and comfortably. As such, aids like grab handles are essential. The correct placement will help your family member move around the space and use facilities independently. Grab rails also give more confidence and peace of mind.

Our mobility bathroom installers fit various accessible bathroom equipment to reduce the risk of slips and falls and to help with general bathroom use. Options for mobility wet rooms and bathrooms include:

  • Grab Handles

  • Bathroom Safety Flooring

  • Toilet Rails

  • Toilet Frames

Low-Level Access

Wheelchair users and those with limited mobility may struggle to use a traditional shower or bath. To help individuals wash independently, we recommend easy-access showers or mobility bathtubs. Walk-in showers have either a very low step or none at all, while walk-in baths offer low-level entry.

Some of our Worthing customers even go a step further and install completely accessible wet rooms. These have a level floor throughout for ultimate ease of use.

Height Adaptations

Sinks and toilets often need adapting to accommodate people with mobility issues. For example, wheelchair users need to get right up to a sink or worktop to use it comfortably, and it also needs to be low enough for them to reach. Consequently, floating sink areas, lower sinks and adjustable sinks are ideal.

When it comes to toilets, some people may benefit from either a lower or higher toilet, depending on individual needs. You should also consider making other bathroom elements more accessible, such as by ensuring toiletries are within easy reach.

A Full Range of Adaptations from the Mobility Bathroom Experts

The above are just some ways to create more accessible wet rooms and bathrooms. For personalised advice and installations, please contact our mobility bathroom installers in Worthing.

Adaptations we can help with include:

  • Clear Pathways

  • Shower Chairs

  • Powered Bath Seats

  • Proper Lighting

  • Easy-to-Use Temperature Controls

  • Mobility Bathtubs/Walk-In Baths

  • Easy-Access Showers/Walk-In Showers

  • Bathroom Safety Flooring

  • Accessible Bathroom Equipment

  • Mobility Wet Room Installations

  • Mobility Bathroom Installations

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